Good news about DOMUK project!

A few days ago ESA approved the intermediate results at the end of phase 1 and allowed RF Microtech, prime contractor, to start phase 2 of the Dielectric-loaded high-power Output de-MUltiplexer at Ku/Ka-band’ (DOMUK) project with our partners of Department of Engineering, University of Perugia.

About the project…

DOMUK is an ESA project for the development and space assessment of novel on-board Ku/Ka band output de-multiplexers (ODEMUX) for space communications.

The objective of the project is to develop 250 W-class, Ku-band and Ka-band ODEMUXs with 240-250 MHz channel bandwidth. One of the main goals is to achieve at least 30% footprint reduction in comparison to the state-of-the-art (dual-mode cavity filters). The core of the activity is the use of high-Q ceramic resonators to minimize volume occupation and temperature sensitivity to temperature.
Engineering Models will be designed, manufactured and experimentally tested even including an extensive high-power test campaign.

Results of Phase 1

Some breadboards of Ku-band and Ka-band channel filters for next generation on-board ODEMUXs have been designed, manufactured and tested.

They are based on ceramic-loaded cavity resonators. High-performance ceramic materials allow:

  • high-compactness (up to 50% volume reduction)
  • very low insertion loss (unloaded Q> 5000)
  • very stable response over temperature and at high RF input power conditions (>100W)


Check out the full results on the project here!


Ready for the Phase 2

Next steps of the project will be the implementation and validation of a two-channel ODEMUX engineering models at Ku and Ka band frequencies.

We are very proud of the results achieved. Thanks to ESA for allowing us to move forward with this challenge.

More info about the project here!

For more technical and commercial information about the product please contact us!


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