Antennas and Phased Arrays

Terrestrial and Space Communications, SatCom on the Move and Imaging Applications

Microwave Filters and Passive Components

High-performance Custom Components for Space and Terrestrial Applications


Microwave Sensors and Systems

Non Conventional/Custom Apparatus for Real Time Localization and Sensing in Industrial Environment

Advanced Technologies

Innovative RF solutions for the most demanding applications


RF Microtech Engineering Service

RF Microtech is a service company developing and producing custom products for industries and system integrators. RF Microtech supports projects at different levels:



RF Microtech Products and Smart SolutionsRF Microtech provides innovative products and smart solutions according to the customers’ needs in the following technical areas:

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 RF microtech celebration 10 years of Excellence

RF Microtech is a service company founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the University of Perugia. RF Microtech operates in the areas of RF and microwave technologies, offering innovative custom solutions for the most demanding applications.

About Us

ISO 9001 - Quality System Certification

RF Microtech is ISO 9001 certified for Design Development, Prototyping and Production of customized applications in Radio Frequency and Microwave technology.

About Us

Excellence and high competence level are fundamental for RF Microtech, which gathers the highest qualified engineers, ready to analyze customer requests and to propose the best solutions. In the meanwhile, the spirit of free research, typical of university, has been conserved so as to spur innovation, wide spectrum of competences and enthusiasm.


Founder and first President of RF Microtech. He was an Educator, an Innovator and an excellent Microwave Expert. In 2015 he received the Microwave Career Award of the IEEE MTT Society. His dedication to work, honesty and integrity will always be an inspiration towards excellence.

Roberto Sorrentino Roberto Sorrentino


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