DIplexer at S-band in COmpact technology for small satellite applications

The project called DISCO is related to the ESA ARTES AT ITT AO/1-11166/22/NL/AF ‘COMPACT S-BAND DIPLEXER FOR SMALL SATELLITES TT&C APPLICATIONS’ for the development and test of new design concepts for compact diplexer at S-band for TT&C applications.



S-band TT&C systems are commonly used in telecommunication satellites for the link between the spacecraft and ground stations during flight and orbit raising until the satellite reaches its nominal orbit. TT&C systems commonly comprise a diplexer that separates receive and transmit paths. S-band diplexers are typically the bulky component in TT&C modules.
Reducing its size could lead to a significant reduction in the volume of the whole unit. This is particularly important in small satellites where the size and mass are critical parameters.




Example of possible diplexer implementation

The objective of project DISCO (on the basis of the requirements defined in the ITT) is the development of a compact S-band diplexer with 30 MHz channels bandwidth and with 60% and 50% of volume/mass reduction in comparison to the state-of-the-art.
Engineering Models (EM) will be designed, manufactured and tested experimentally to reach TRL=6.






TRL Level

Target is 6



Phase 1: towards PDR meeting.




RF Microtech S.r.l. Italy – PRIME CONTRACTOR


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