“COMpact broadband FIlters at C and Ku band based on Dielectric materials”

ESA project for the development and space assessment of miniaturised C and Ku RF filters based on dielectric materials (ESA Artes Advanced Technology, Contract 4000129893/20/NL/NR).



The objective is to design, produce and test compact broadband C-band and Ku-band input filters based on dielectric materials. The use of advanced manufacturing processes such as Additive Manufacturing (AM) based on ceramic materials will be exploited with the aim of optimizing the geometry of the final piece, improving its performance and minimizing mass and dimensions.The use of additive manufacturing would also make the realization phase of the various sub-parts more efficient, thus minimizing the number of sub-parts to be assembled for the final device.
The aim is to reduce the volume of the C-band and Ku-band input filters by 50%, compared to the current reference standard, while maintaining substantially unchanged all the electrical performance parameters with respect to the current state-of-the-art.





TRL Level

Target is 5








RF Microtech S.r.l. Italy – PRIME CONTRACTOR



Siae Microelettronica


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