RF Microtech has been selected by Thales Alenia Space Italia to supply an X-band filter for the IRIDE-NIMBUS satellite.



IRIDE is a government project funded by Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), managed by ESA in conjunction with the Italian space agency ASI. Scheduled for completion by 2026, IRIDE features a hybrid constellation of different satellites with dedicated Earth observation sensors. This end to end system comprises a series of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite sub-constellations, ground infrastructures (downstream) and services dedicated to Italian public administration and private industries.

The satellite groups use the innovative and modular NIMBUS (New Italian Micro Bus), a platform of about 170 KG. NIMBUS is a new type of high-performance product of Thales Alenia Space that can be rapidly manufactured, specifically designed for high revisit and high throughput constellations.



About Thales Alenia Space satellites

Thales Alenia Space’s satellites will provide valuable data not only to researchers studying the evolution of our country’s environmental conditions but also to the Civil Defense and other public administrations to ensure coastal protection, monitoring of critical infrastructure, air quality and weather conditions the data provided by Iride will be invaluable.

Such data will also be able to ensure the development of commercial applications by startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and geospatial industries.



Luca Pelliccia, Head of Microwave Filters Division at RF Microtech, remarked:

An ambitious and complex project that requires a significant joint effort. RF Microtech will provide the filter for data transmission from Space to Earth. Thanks to the innovation brought by the company, the filter combines high selectivity and high efficiency in a compact and low-weight apparatus.


Luca Marcaccioli, CEO and co-founder of RF Microtech, commented:

The participation to this Italian earth observation program is an excellent opportunity for RF Microtech that, together with fundamental players such as Thales Alenia Space, can play an active role on the global supply of satellites and build an extremely  valuable knowledge in the space sector.


blankMassimo Comparini, CEO Thales Alenia Space Italia, shared:

I’m particularly glad our Thales Alenia Space role on IRIDE constellation, with the support of PNRR, generates development of the valuable supply chain and the strength of our partnership with Small Medium Enterprises. RF Microtech S.r.l. has outstanding competences and capabilities on a range of Microwave assemblies and components […].


Congratulations to the RF Microtech team!


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The IRIDE constellation is a programme of the:

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European Union – Next GenerationEU Funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministries of the Italian Republic, pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 254, of the Italian Law 160/2019’ and ‘Funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministries from the Complementary Fund. Carried out under an ESA Contract for the purposes of EO PNRR IRIDE PROGRAMME.

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