We are excited to announce the start of a new ESA project in partnership with Thales Alenia Space Italia! Let’s talk about PICOM.



lanar broadband Input COmpact Multiplexers for multibeam 20/30GHz applications is deals with the project proposal to ARTES ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ITT AO/1-10213/20/NL/CLP (5C.407) ‘Compact Ka-band planar broadband input multiplexers for multibeam 20GHz/30GHz applications


The aim of the project is the development and test of a compact, planar and low-cost multiplexer (MUX) at Ka-band. The device will replace bulky waveguide/dielectric multiplexers, currently used in multibeam telecommunication systems and characterized by complex assembly procedure and integration.



Planar MUXs for multibeam payloads have the advantage of size and mass saving feature and, thanks to the modern progress in the technology, they offer thermal compensation techniques and good robustness to manufacturing tolerances.

The additional insertion loss introduced by the device can be compensated by additional amplification stages.

For more information about the project please read the project sheet.


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