”HAngar reaL time Localization & TRACKing system’’

Industry 4.0 project for the development of a totally innovative localization and tracking system for indoor and outdoor applications. The project has been selected and funded by the Competence Center CIM4.0 (Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0) in the framework of the PRIA_I4.0 program.



To test in real enviroment an innovative radar system for the localization and tracking of forklift and carriages used in large industrial and maintenance areas, like airport hangars and warehouses. The system is based on a FMCW radar and tag system and presents several advantages with respect to commercial ones, such as:

  • High accuracy
  • Low complexity and low cost
  • High detection range
  • High Tag battery life


TRL Level

From 5 to 7




RF Microtech s.r.l. Italy – PRIME CONTRACTOR



blankBlue System s.r.l. Italy