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About Us

RF Microtech is a service company (Perugia, Italy) operating in the area of RF and microwave technologies, founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the University of Perugia by Prof. R. Sorrentino and his group of former students.

We provide:

  • Consultancy
  • Testing and characterization
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Small series of custom products

We use innovative solutions based on the most advanced microwave technologies.

We develop custom products for industries and system integrators in all areas of RF and microwave technology including telecommunication, aerospace, security, defense, localization and even pharmaceutical, medical and agro-food.

We carry out advanced research projects in the areas of antennas, phased arrays and beam forming network, microwave filters and multiplexers, RF MEMS and tunable devices, RF systems for satellite and terrestrial communications, indoor localization platforms, radars for civil and military applications, sensors for real-time industrial processes control.

In 2014 RF Microtech has further expanded by creating a French sister company called RF Microtech France.

Based in Toulouse, RF Microtech France aims to combine RF Microtech outstanding industrial records with the rich scientific and technical background provided by the hosting environment (LAAS-CNRS and the local co-founder Fabio Coccetti). Through to this setting the company intends to leverage advanced innovation and match business demands in the field of wireless communication and sensing.

We are endowed with a full panoply of assembly, manufacturing, testing and characterization equipment for RF systems and RF microsystems up to 110GHz (including full antenna characterization facility up to 65GHz).  The characterization activity is an advanced area of the company business, necessary to provide fully characterized RF products and complete the design-manufacturing- packaging-test development chain.

Products include microwave antennas and beamforming networks, microwave filters and multiplexers, microwave sensors, real-time localization systems, RF MEMS and tunable microwave circuits.

Demanding applications are our daily business. Download Company Brochure to see all our activities at a glance.

The Team

Roberto Sorrentino
Fabio Coccetti (RF Microtech France)
Hamza El Ghannudi (RF Microtech and RF Microtech France)
Paola Farinelli
Elisa Fratticcioli
Luca Marcaccioli
Simone Montori
Luca Pelliccia
Laura Urbani

Marco Bernabei
Fabrizio Cacciamani
Alessandro Cazzorla
Elisa Chiuppesi
Nikolin Deskaj
Priscilla Maldarella
Maicol Silvestri
Davide Tiradossi
Paolo Vallerotonda


The Microwave Engineering Laboratory of the Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering of the University of Perugia, headed by Professor Roberto Sorrentino, has been involved since more than 20 years, before the constitution of RF Microtech, in:

  • Development of numerical methods and CAD techniques for the analysis and design of microwave and millimetre-wave circuits and components
  • Design tools for the analysis and design of scanning active antenna arrays
  • Design of innovative solutions for microwave bandpass filters in waveguide technology and tunable filters
  • Modelling, simulation and design of RF MEMS circuits and components
  • Modelling, characterization and prototyping of microwave systems and sensors