Low-Profile Phased Array Antenna for Professional Satellite Communications

ESA Artes C&G project for the development of low cost, low-profile Ku-band scanning antennas for Satellite Communications On The Move, dedicated to commercial applications like passenger mobile services in buses, trains and marine vessels. (ESA Artes C&G Contract 4000134005/21/NL)



The objective of the LOWSAT project is to develop, manufacture and test an innovative class of antennas at Ku band for commercial and professional use and suitable for long-range buses and trains, having the following characteristics:

  • low-profile
  • low-weight
  • low-cost
  • high scanning capabilities

The basic idea is to make use of a low-cost and well-established technology (dielectric-based phase-shifters) in a smart combination with slow-wave lines and electronic phase-shifters, in such a way as to create a new class of cost-effective antennas that are very thin, fully modular and allow the scanning of the beam in any direction.
Taking advantage of its modular architecture the proposed technology is suitable for the realization of a wide range of steerable antennas for different applications: smaller antennas for more commercial and entertainment applications as well as larger antennas for professional use (maritime commercial shipping, offshore energy, leisure vessels and fleet asset, homeland security networks).


TRL Level

From 3 to 5/6






RF Microtech S.r.l. Italy – PRIME CONTRACTOR



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