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Microwave Systems and Sensors

RF and microwave applications developed and offered by RF Microtech are not limited to telecommunications. Numerous systems based on this technology, in fact, are being developed for various industrial or other civil applications and will emerge in the next future.

RF Microtech provides custom design of innovative systems

RF Microtech provides custom design of innovative systems by Non-Invasive Sensors for Materials, Structure and Industrial Process Quality Control


Example of possible applications:

  • Control of production non conformities, from the detection of impurities and other non uniformities to the investigation of treatments or unwanted substances in thin or thick films. Ex: leather, fabrics, paper, wood panels, other stratified materials…
  • Real time, on line, non destructive measurement of moisture content, density and weight of food, stored ingredients and post-production storage. Ex: pasta, rice, tobacco, potatoes, cereal grains, corn, coffee, flours, pills…
  • Temperature detection of controlled processes.
  • Measurements of density of liquid substances. Ex: wine, oils, mixtures, fuels, organic solvents…
  • Non invasive measurements of water content in order to determine microbial growth, browning effect, enzyme reaction, oxidation process and texture of food products, plants, biomass.
  • Measurement of soil water content for hydrological assessment and efficient irrigation practices.

Non-Invasive Sensors for Materials, Structure and Quality Control


Added Value of RF Microtech solutions:

  • Real-time and on-line (possibly wireless) measurements / data transmission
  • No more off-line, time consuming and destructive sampled measurements
  • Contact-less (non-destructive)
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Dust- and smoke- immune (adaptable to harsh environment)
  • Enable the monitoring of a broad range of parameters: weight, humidity, moisture content, impurities, non-uniformities, temperature
  • Application oriented design
  • Powered by microwave technology


Examples of developed prototypes

Name Main Features Tech Notes
Tobacco moisture and density real time control Tobacco moisture and density real time control Accuracy:Error in moisture content <0.1%, Error in density ~0.5%Speed:10.000 meas. per second PDF
Pills weight measurement Pills weight measurement Accuracy:Error in weight measurement <1%Speed:Nearly 1.000 measurements per second PDF

RF Microtech has developed advanced technologies for accurate/coarse localization in indoor and outdoor environments

RF Microtech is developing a platform to integrate different localization technologies into a one, scalable and modular localization system.


Example of possible applications

  • Positioning system for automatic forklift.
  • Logistic, automation, robotic industrial production, marshalling yards.
  • Safe docking of marine vessels.
Name Main Features Tech Notes
Indoor Positioning System Indoor Positioning System Accuracy:Indoor, relative: 2.5 cmIndoor, absolute: 10 cmMeasurement range: 30 m PDF


RTLS System Gallery

Example of possible applications

  • Security imaging: active imaging for stand-off surveillance & people screening to detect near-field threat objects (ARASCOM and MELISSA projects).
  • Wireless health care sensors.
  • Safety equipments and security procedures checking in hazardous workplaces.
  • Remote fire detection.

Security and Safety

Examples of developed systems

Name Main Features Tech Notes
77GHz Agile-reflectarray antenna 77GHz Agile-reflectarray antenna Frequency:76GHz, 1GHz bandwidthScanning area:1√ó2 mResolution:2cm@1mTuning speed:0.2ms/pixel PDF