We are very proud to announce that the project STEDI  - Small TErminal multiband DIplexers for ground segment satellite communications, in partnership with SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, has been successfully completed.

About the project…

Aim of the project STEDI (‘Small user TErminal Diplexers’) is the development, manufacturing, test and comparison of different technology concepts for user terminal Ku-/Ka-band dplxs using novel technologies, aiming at large-scale fabrication of RF compact filters compatible with planar and monolithic circuits.

Particular importance is devoted to three technologies:

  1. micromachining (MM),
  2. LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic)
  3. SIW (Substrate Integrated Waveguide) on planar substrates (either in PCB or alumina technology), which have recently demonstrated their potentialities in terms of moderate and high unloaded Q-factor (Q), compactness and cost-effective solutions up to frequencies 30÷50 GHz.

More info here

The Final Review with European Space Agency was held in  December.

Promising results of innovative diplexers based on micromachining, LTCC and alumina thin film technologies have been achieved and compared in collaboration with our partner SIAE Microelettronica.

Compactness, low-cost and easy integrability with planar and monolithic technology have be achieved.

Next step…

An extensive market survey so that these first demo diplexers could reach the market.

Complete project information: https://artes.esa.int/projects/stedi

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