SPAce CompatiblE  Filters in dIelectric waveguide Technology” –

H2020 SME Instrument phase 1 project on the space market introduction of miniaturized and low mass RF filters based on dielectric technology (Contract 663536 — H2020-SMEInst-2014-2015)



The project goal is to perfrorm a market study and draw a complex business plan on the possible introduction into the space market of miniaturized RF filters and multiplexers in L/S bands based ondielectric waveguide resonators. The SPACEFIT technology will lead to a drastic reduction of the resonator dimensions and weight (up to 50%) while maintaining high performance (Q factor>3000) and low cost (<20%) if compared to std technologies (waveguide and combline/coaxialfilters).  Preliminary market survey identified TTC&M (Telemetry Tracking Command & Monitoring),  MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) and Navigation systems (Galileo, GPS) as primiary applications.







RF microtech s.r.l. – PRIME CONTRACTOR



Official Project Page
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