Just over two months ago we started our latest project on the development of phase-shifters for future generation phased array antenna applications.

Let’s talk about SMARTWAVE. The EU funded project, initially proposed in the original Pathfinder (FET-Open) NANOPOLY project, which aims to reinvent, redesign and commercialize the main element of any beam steering system: the phase-shifter, a device that changes the phase angle in the transmission of an incoming signal.


In an age when everything is mobile and everything becomes wireless, the technological approachis to develop analog electronic components with higher frequencies, smaller and more complexwith beam steering capabilities.

The SMARTWAVE project is based on a new phase shift mechanism that allows to enable phaseshift technology with:

  • excellent performance characteristics
  • higher speed
  • reduced energy consumption

All this by exploiting the reconfigurability potential of high frequency phase shifters.

A project lasting 24 months in which we participate with great pride together with other European realities.

The SMARTWAVE team, coordinated by Dr. Afshin Ziaei, explains the idea behind the project:

In the modern world everything goes wireless and everyone goes mobile. To sustain this trend, higher frequency, smaller, more complex analogue electronics with beam steering capabilities are becoming ubiquitous. SMARTWAVE capitalizes on a newly identified technology combination to reinvent, design, fabricate and commercialize the main building block of any beam steering capable system, the phase shifter using a novel phase shifting mechanism based on reconfigurable metamaterials.

For more information about the project please read the project sheet or click here.

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