RF Microtech has been invited to the Mars2hearth conference (www.marstoearth.org).

Microwave technology is a key topic for communication and beyond. It could be used to build structures directly on site!

The MARS TO EARTH 2021 conference is now in its third year and will focus on the applications of Mars and Space research programmes that are already available to trigger a value-added economic impact on commercial and industrial activities on Earth.

Human exploration of Mars will have a positive effect on many industrial sectors on Earth, contributing to a radical change in the technological and economic scenario on our mother planet.

During the conference we’ll be presented Mars To Earth Award too: it is assigned to Students projects in four categories:
– Mars / Moon / Space Design
– Space Medicine
– Mars / Moon / Space Robotics
– Mars Studies, Simulation and Application

The conference will take place today at 10.00 am online

Still time to register www.marstoearth.org.

Mars Planet is an international cultural organisation based in Italy that promotes research and industrial applications related to the human exploration of Mars and space. It is the Italian chapter of the Mars Society and also develops technologies to be applied both in the space industry and in other sectors. 

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