From university laboratories to international markets, the story of RF Microtech started in 2007 in the region of Umbria, the green heart of Italy, thanks to the intuition of Roberto Sorrentino, Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the University of Perugia, who together with three former PhD students founded the university’s spin-off.

Working in the sector of radio frequency and microwave technologies, today the company located in Perugia designs and develops customized products for industries and system integrators (antennas, radio frequency electronic devices, and equipment) operating in the field of telecommunications, aerospace, defence, and manufacturing industry.

The leading role in the creation and evolution of RF Microtech, until 2020 – the year of his passing – is Roberto Sorrentino, who in 2007 began to concretize what would later become the future Vision carried forward to this day by his team:

“Becoming an excellence centre of technology, national and international reference point and forge of ideas and products in the frame of radiofrequency technology”.

Today, worldwide presence grows, new and valuable resources join the RF Microtech leadership and team, and solutions are renewed.

“The lockdown period allowed us to look not only at the company’s growth in the market but also to look inward, to seize new opportunities and make the best of the resources and skills at our disposal,” said Luca Marcaccioli, Founder and CEO at RF Microtech.

 “We have never stopped and we want to continue in this way: many new projects have been launched to enrich the offer aimed at supporting our customers operating in the space industry, from new partnerships to collaborations in the field of research – Elisa Fratticcioli CEO at RF Microtech.


» In 2011 the company moved its entire activity from the University to its new premises in Via P. Mascagni in Perugia with a well-equipped laboratory that allows the assembly and testing of antennas and microwave components/systems equipped with HW and SW instrumentation that enables it to design and test devices up to 67GHz.

2011 |In the clip, Luca Marcaccioli, from his office in Via Mascagni in Perugia, presented FAST – Flat Antennas for Satellite Terminal one of the first projects developed by RF Microtech. A very low-profile antenna, suitable for any vehicle: cars, trains, boats, which allowed mobile satellite sending/receiving.


Since 2015 RF Microtech is IS09001 certified for the Design, Development, Prototyping, and Production
of customized applications in radio frequency and microwave technologies.



Inaugurazione rf microtech» 2017
is the year of the inauguration of the current premises in Sant’ Andrea delle Fratte in Perugia, where it has new large laboratories dedicated to the production, assembly, testing, and quality control of antennas and RF circuits.






» Since 2020, the company has been structured into three design and prototyping units (antennas and phased arrays – microwave filters and passive components – microwave sensors and systems) and a production and testing unit.

blank Cubesat ku antenna Microwave filters - space application Halltrack-Industry40-rfmicrotech

Today RF Microtech has:

+ 30 employees and collaborators

+ 50 projects with international aerospace and communications customers

+ 10 international partners


It opened a second office just a few meters from the main one and invests in Corporate Welfare, Space Economy, and Industry 4.0 projects.

With a natural vocation to research, RF Microtech has an active role in several projects funded by the European Space Agency and Horizon EU, oriented to shape the future of telecommunication systems.



A special thanks go to the companies that have believed in us over the years and made us part of their success. We would also like to thank our partners, collaborators, employees, and all those who have contributed to making this important milestone possible.

We are now continuing to look forward to the future with enthusiasm towards continuous improvement, trying to offer always new opportunities and excellent services.

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