RF Microtech will attend the 17th edition of the Ilan Ramon Space Conference, which will be held online on 25 January, at the invitation of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the State of Israel.

The conference is organized by the Israel Space Agency (ISA) and it is named in honor of Israeli Air Force pilot and astronaut Ilan Ramon who perished in the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia accident.





The theme of 2022 edition is:


blankEvery year the conference is an international exposition of the most cutting-edge ideas on space and will feature sessions and panels such as: the Vision of Heads of Space Agencies
the Future of Human Space Flight Cutting-edge Research on Space Stations, Space Technologies for Mitigating the Harmful Effects of Climate Change Remote Sensing Cutting-edge Satellites and on Sustainable Life in Space.

The 17th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference offers the possibility of visiting a virtual exhibition and encourages the organization of meetings between conference participants.

We’re pleased to invite you to join us at this international space event. The conference will be held in person at Tel Aviv University, but will also be available online in real-time.

The conference is part of the Israeli Space Week, with international attendance by heads of space agencies from all over the world as well as senior executives from the private sector.



Luca Marcaccioli, President and CTO at RF Microtech and Luca Pelliccia, Head of Microwaves Filters Division, will attend the event and will be available to expand our network by scheduling B2B meetings with other participants!

blankIf you are attending the conference please contact us and schedule a meeting with us to talk about our Antennas, Microwaves Filters and RF systems for satellite and terrestrial communications for the space sector and to discuss possible business opportunities.

We are very active in the space sector thanks to numerous projects with ESA and private companies. We are looking forward to discovering new strategies and developments in the space sector and to learning about the economic aspects that could involve us on an industrial level.
Waiting for you to discuss possible business opportunities!

You can learn more info on the Conference website.


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