RF Microtech Quality Policy

Innovation and Technology at Your Service

 The present quality policy outlines the strategies dictated by the Management of RF Microtech S.r.l., and constitutes the reference on which the definition and review of the quality objectives are based.

The company, thanks to the very strong and recognized skills at its disposal, can be considered at the top of the Radio Frequency market and Microwave technologies in terms of innovation and technology. This is why it aspires to become an excellent center of technology, national and international reference point, and forge of ideas and new products in the frame of radiofrequency technology.

The VISION of the company is therefore summed up by the motto that often accompanies its logo: Innovation and Technology at Your Service.

RF Microtech, therefore, sets itself as MISSION to use the advancements in technology in the microwave area to create its products or create/improve those of its Customers, targeting either mass and niche markets (with high added value). At the same time, it aims to develop a supportive and formative working environment where everyone has the opportunity to realize himself at a professional and human level to fully express his potential.

RF Microtech The Team

RF Microtech believes that to achieve its mission it must base its action on respect for the following values:

  • the belief that research in an industrial environment shall have the objective to improve technology in microwave area for own or third parties products. The sale of technology and products generates profit for the company and common good of society.
  • The company has a natural vocation to research, so the cooperation with Universities and research entities is supported.
  • Confidence in the creativity and spirit of initiative of individuals and teams, for this purpose the company leaves time when possible for free experimentation, in line with the general objectives of the company.

  • Refusal of the development of technologies whose use is clearly directed against mankind (e.g. offense technology).

  • The belief that part of the company’s profit should be used to improve the work environment, safety, and welfare of employees, as well as the social environment in which the company operates.

  • Compliance with the principle of reciprocity between customers and suppliers, according to the golden rule «don’t make to anyone what you wouldn’t like for yourself».

  • The relationship of trust with employees, which can be built using gratuity principles, both in terms of company prizes and extra-hours jobs when the need arises

The company has an international ambition. However, we believe that to favor the territory in which it operates, it shall develop whenever possible local supply chain.

RF Microtech is therefore aware that the recognition of this role and the achievement of the objectives of its mission necessarily pass through:

– the supply of high-quality products and services;

– the proficiency, knowledge, and professionalism of its staff;

– attention and commitment to the continuous improvement of their organization

– Attention to meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders


The implementation of the quality management system under the standard ISO 9001 constitutes aid and incentive for RF Microtech to achieve the following specific objectives:



  • the identification – timely, effective, and efficient – of the explicit and implicit needs of customers, providing products and services that comply with the mandatory and applicable requirements;

  • an offer of products and services, consistent with customer expectations, reliable, always at the cutting-edge, and perfectly integrated with the most innovative technologies on the market;

  • the maintenance of the commitments undertaken, that is the absolute respect of the contractual terms, and the applicable regulatory requirements;

  • the timely and complete analysis and resolution of any customer complaints.











  • compliance with what is defined in the Quality Management System;

  • the involvement, participation, and awareness of all RF Microtech collaborators on company results and the importance of achieving customer satisfaction;

  • the use of competent, qualified, and reliable suppliers;

  • the pursuit of continuous improvement of processes by applying, developing, and periodically reviewing the programs and objectives defined by the Quality System.

ISO 9001 - Quality System Certification Logo

Quality System Certification

This policy is systematically reviewed, at least once a year, at the same time as the Management review, to always make it adequate to the company objectives and possible regulatory and market changes. It is communicated to all levels of the organization through special meetings.

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