Microwave Sensors and Systems

Non Conventional/Custom Apparatus for Real Time Localization and Sensing in Industrial Environment

RF Microtech provides custom design of innovative sensors using microwave measuring techniques for a non-invasive precise measurement of mass and density or foreign particles in a wide range of materials in industrial process.

The extremely high speed makes our sensors ideal for providing highly accurate and reliable online measurements for more cost-efficient and high quality production.

Typical applications include the online process control in the production of food, bulk solids, wood and pharmaceutical products.

Example of applications:
  • Highly accurate and precise online microwave mass & density measurement in food and pharmaceutical industries (examples: online weight measurements in capsule filler machines, online weight measurements in food production process, etc.)
  • Detection of impurities and other non-uniformities in materials (leather, fabrics, paper, wood panels, other stratified materials, etc.


Non-Invasive Sensors for Materials, Structure and Quality Control


Based on its high degree of expertise in the design of passive and active microwave components, RF Microtech also provides custom developments and manufacturing of microwave systems for various applications like:

  • Indoor Real time localization and sensing system based on FM-CW radar.
  • Industrial microwave oven for drying, heating and cooking process.
  • Security active imaging systems for stand-off surveillance & people screening.



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