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A new real time indoor TRACKing system for Industry 4.0

A new real time indoor TRACKing system for Industry 4.0

on 3 Sep 2020 in News |

On 3st September 2020 officially starts the latest RF Microtech project called HALLTRACK, HAngar reaL time TRACKing & tracing system, for the development of a totally innovative localization and tracking system for indoor and outdoor applications.

The system will be used to monitor in real time the position of forklift and carriages used for the maintenance activities in large areas like airport hangars and industrial warehouses.

The proposed system is based on a FMCW radar and tag system and presents several advantages with respect to commercial ones, such as high accuracy and range of detection, low complexity and costs, very long battery tag duration, up to several years.

The project, supported by the Competence Center CIM4.0 (Competence Industry Manufacturing, 4.0) in the framework of the PRIA_I4.0 program, will be carried out in synergy with the company Blue System (Perugia), the Information technology department of Università la Sapienza (Rome), CPU I TEC (Rome) and the consortium CIM4.0 (Turin).