On 3 September 2020, the RF Microtech project called HALLTRACK officially started: “HAngar reaL time TRACKing & tracing system” to monitor forklifts and goods in indoor and outdoor areas.

HALLTRACK: how it works and what are the advantages

The project meets all the requirements set out in the call for applications and which are related to industrial research, experimental development and process innovation.

The designed solution will be used to monitor in real time the position of forklifts, trolleys and objects used for maintenance activities in large areas such as airport hangars and industrial warehouses.

The system is based on a set of Anchors and Tags, that uniquely identifies an object and displays its real time position directly on a smart device, through a digital map. Compared with other RTLS technologies available in the market, the proposed solution offers numerous advantages, namely:

  • high precision and detection range
  • low complexity and reduced number of anchors to be installed
  • low costs
  • very long battery tag life up to several years.
  • easy scalable and versatile

RF Microtech I4.0 objectives

We are truly proud of this achievement because it will allow us to pursue our goals in the field of Industry 4.0. For some time, in fact, our work, the research and development that we carry out with competence and passion have been increasingly oriented towards:

  • accelerate the spread of digital technologies within the European industrial system
  • improve competitiveness by promoting a consistent integration of ICT in production processes
  • increase the skills of European companies in the industry 4.0 sector
  • encourage the development of solutions to be placed on the market

    In the second phase of the project the HALLTRACK system will be installed and tested in the Alitalia hangar of Fiumicino, and a demo version will be placed at CIM 4.0, allowing visitors and companies to test it.

The project is carried out in synergy with the Blue System company (Perugia), the Information Technology department of the Sapienza University (Rome), CPU I TEC (Rome) and the CIM4.0 consortium (Turin).

More info on HALLTRACK here.

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