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Microwave Filters and Passive Components

Filters and Passive Components is one of the main Design & Prototyping Unit of RF Microtech.

RF Microtech develops both conventional and innovative designs based on the most advanced technologies, selecting the most appropriate one to match customer requirements. Prototyping, testing and small/medium production services are offered as well as technical assistance in all steps of product development.
Application areas include Aerospace and Satellite Communications, Terrestrial Communications and Radars.

Typologies of passive components:
  • Filters
  • Diplexers and Multiplexers
  • Electrical and mechanical tuneable filters
  • Switchable matrices and filter banks
  • Couplers and Power dividers
  • RF interconnections and packaging
Filter technologies:
  • Waveguide
  • Dielectric-loaded
  • SIW
  • Micro-machined
  • Lumped
  • Planat filters including Suspended-line and suspended-microstrip

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