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‘High-Performance Dielectric Resonators’

ESA project for the development and space assessment of high performance resonators based on dielectric technology (ESA Artes Advanced Technology, Contract 4000126886/19/NL/MM)



To develop and experimentally verify high performance dielectric resonators with a quality factor (Q) times frequency (f) figure of merit (Qxf) of at least 250,000 GHz for use in input and output multiplexers in the frequency range from C- to Ka-band (3 ÷ 30 GHz).  The target is to develop enabling technology for a new source of high Q dielectric resonators and to provide a 25% increase in Q factor with respect to currently available European resonator materials.


TRL Level

From 3 to 5







RF microtech s.r.l. Italy – PRIME CONTRACTOR



Department of Engineering, University of Perugia