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“COMpact C-/KU-Band Broadband Waveguide FILters”

ESA project for the development and evaluation of compact C-band and Ku-band broadband bandpass input filters for satellite broadcasting.



To develop and validate innovative on-board compact broadband bandpass filters at C- and Ku-band with low insertion loss and wide spurious-free range. Such filters are based on both TM mode cavities and ridged/combline waveguide resonators.

RF Microtech (Perugia, Italy) is the prime contractor and electro-magnetic designer. Pasquali Microwave Systems (Florence, Italy) is the partner involved in the mechanical design and fabrication of prototypes


TRL Level

From 4 to 6







RF Microtech s.r.l. Italy РPRIME CONTRACTOR



Officine Pasquali s.r.l. Italy



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